BMA021 Brainsucker Hive AA

The two Alternative Art forms of the card.

Brainsucker Hive is a Monster Room in the Base Set. This is one of the few cards with an Alternative Art form.

Character art by Johnny O'Neal.

Background art by David Nyari.

Strategy Edit

A room that can be built in the later rooms of a dungeon (about rooms 3 to 5), as most heroes die in later rooms of the dungeon, thus allowing this card's effect to activate. Cards which can boost the damage of this card, such as Goblin Armory or Giant Size, help this card's effect to be activated more often.


"Cerebellus, the Father Brain is not like other Boss Monsters. There  are legends that he arrived in Arcadia from places unknown, and brought his dreaded Brainsuckers with him. Whether true or not, there's no doubt that these foul creatures and their master are alien in effect, if not in origin."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide.

"“Well, this room doesn’t look so bad,” said the intrepid mage to his pal. 

“Aww, look at this little jelly fish guy, he’s adora….AAAAAHHHHH, AAAAAHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF ME!!!! GET IT OFF….grbllglggg…”


Yep, looks like another hapless adventurer got brainsucked. That is a bummer for him."

-Excerpt from the Brainsucker Hive card of the day entry.


The creatures featured on the cards art may be a reference to Metroids in the Metroid series.

In the Alpha Prototypes the card was accidently given the number BMA013 this was later changed to BMA021.