A Thief type Trap Room introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level.

Strategy Edit

As this card gets stronger if a Hero survives this room, this is best built so that it appears as the first room in a dungeon.

It should be noted that once the card's effect activates, the damage of the card reads that it increases by 3 damage, not increases to 3 damage

This room can be built behind Dizzygas Hallway, which, after this card's effect activates, this room would deal 6 damage

The card shown here actually has an error.  Based on the Boss monster 2 FAQ, this is actually a misprint, and it should read "Once per turn, if a Hero survives this Room, until end of turn this Room deals +3."  The corrected card can be obtain at - "Boss Monster Errata 2" and will be corrected in future printings.

Trivia Edit

This card was created so as to replicate the effect of a card created during the first Boss Monster Kickstarter as a Kickstarter Exclusive, in an attempt to allow players to still feel as though they are using that Kickstarter Exclusive card, while upholding their original promise.

This card is meant to replicate the card Trash Compactor, but it works in reverse.

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