Construction Zone
BMA034 Construction Zone
is a Trap Room in the Base Set.

Character and object art by Kyle Merritt.

Background art by David Nyari.


You may play an Advanced Room (or even a Basic Room) over top Construction Zone as your additional build.

You may play another Construction Zone as your additional build, and then build another Room. All other cards with "When you build" affect will also take effect.

Strategy Edit

A card that has a few purposes, mostly by getting a room edge on an opponent. This room pairs well when used in conjunction with Dizzygas Hallway, as Construction Zone will get a +2 damage boost, allowing for a +4 damage boost to the dungeon as a whole. This card also works well with room cards that have "When you build this room" effects, for the card's effect will activate. This card also allows for an early activation of a Boss's Level Up ability.

However, this card makes it easy for another player to use the spell card Motivation.

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