In a players Dungeon, Rooms can be destroyed through using a destroy room effect or by an opponent forcing the player to destroy a room. Rooms cannot be destroyed by a player unless it activates an effect. Only one effect can be activated when destroying a Room. For example, if a player has Jackpot Stash and The Crushinator in their dungeon they cannot destroy Jackpot Stash to get both the Treasure increase from the card itself and the damage increase from The Crushinator, they must pick one of them. Most rooms with destroy room effects are Thief Treasure rooms.

Destroy room effects come three varieties:

Destroy this Room: These are activated when that particular room is destroyed, it cannot be triggered by other rooms.

Destroy Another Room: these are the opposite, they can only be triggered by destroying a room other than the room causing the effect,

In the Event a Room is Destroyed: these rooms are passively activated by the destruction of a room to fill an effect, they cannot be used to destroy a room, but instead are a second effect that comes with the first effect activated by destroying the room. They are the exception to the only one effect rule. Recycling Center is the only card of this type.

When a room is destroyed, the destroyed room is sent to the Discard Pile and the room underneath the destroyed room is revealed and becomes reactivated. If there is no room underneath the destroyed room, all rooms to the left of it shift right to fill the gap.

The Spell Cave-In can be used to destroy any room in order to kill a Hero in that room, which is similar to Bottomless Pit's effect.

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