An example Dungeon with 3 Rooms. Click to enlarge.

Dungeons are how players lure and kill Heroes. They consist of 1 to 6 cards with the right-most card always being a Boss Chamber and the rest being Room cards.

In the Bait Phase Heroes are drawn to Dungeon where the total number of Treasures similar to the Heroes Treasure Type is the most. Boss and Room cards both contribute to the Treasure total based on the symbols on the bottom right corner of the card.

In the Adventure Phase, Heroes goes through the Dungeon one Room at a time starting with the left-most Room heading right towards the boss chamber.

When a Hero reaches the Boss Chamber before losing all their HP the Boss gets a Wound but If the Hero is killed before that the Boss instead gets a Soul.

The Soul and Wound piles do not count as part of the dungeon.


According to the cards Kobold Strike and Construction Zone, rooms in dungeons are built by kobolds. Kobolds are also featured as the builders working on the Crash Landing expansion logo.