Haunted Library
BMA023 Haunted Library AA
is a Trap Room in the Base Set. Two Alternative Art versions of the card are included in the Base Set.

Character art by Kyle Merritt.

Background art by David Nyari.


This ability only applies during the beginning of turn phase, and does not allow you to draw Spell cards at other times you would be allow to draw Rooms

Strategy Edit

A simple card which allows a player easy access to Spell cards. This card also works well with other Rooms that allow a player to draw from the Room Deck during other phases of a turn, such as most Cleric Rooms, Golem Factory, Beast Menagerie, etc. This card also allows a player to build up a hand of Spell cards, either to gain a big advantage over their opponent, or to use such cards like the All-Seeing Eye, which allows the player to discard their Spell cards.