KSA002 Hellcow
Hellcow is a Boss card and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card.

Character art by Katrina Guillermo.

Background art by David Nyari.


When you move Rooms with this card’s effect, any Rooms beneath the affected Rooms are also affected. “Room stacks” always move together.

Strategy Edit

Hellcow's Level Up ability works best in a situation when an opponent has already built up their dungeon to the maximum. This Ability also works particularly well when an opponent has made a specific build, like placing Goblin Armory next to Monster Rooms, or Minotaur Maze as the last room in a dungeon following a powerful room, or Dizzygas Hallway appearing before another Trap. Such setups can allow the player to really mess with an opponents set up, potentially making the player deal less damage to Heroes and acquiring Wounds faster.

However, Hellcow doesn't compare to Shellda's Level Up Ability, which can easily counter Hellcow's Ability, as well as mess up the player's dungeon that is using Hellcow a turn later.


Hellcow is one of the Bosses with information not included in the Strategy Guide.

This card is a tribute to Keith Baker aka "Bossy the Cow" who is a game designer and novelist that did some of the final playtesting on the Alpha Prototype 1.

Keith Baker went by the alias "Hellcow" for many years, after writing an adventure called "The Hellcow" for Atlas Games' En Route D20 series.

Though not intentional, the cards concept bears a striking resemblance to the famous 'Secret Cow Level" in Diablo II.

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