Here is my new set of inspired Room cards. There should be 5 of each treasure type. Each type should fill in a gap on the depth chart, providing traps and monsters where there were none at values not represented in the base game. Sometimes the mechanics play off something preexisting, just opposite, or complimentary of another based card. Otherwise I kept to the theme presented in the base game. Thief = destroy room, Cleric = discard, Fighter = more damage, Mage = spells. I tried to balance them that way. As far as inspiration, I tried to be ironic with the names like in the base game, as well as tell a story that evoked those moments in games where they were inspired from. I crammed as many cameos as I could from all the great original NES series. Mario, Kirby, Castlevania, Bayou Billy, Zelda 2, Mega Man, and more. Hope you like them. They should be print ready.

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