Buried Aztec Gold

Part of my Movie Shoutout series. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorites! I wanted to display one of the iconic themes in Pirates: Buried Treasure!

Hall of Prophecies

As a shoutout to Harry Potter, I wanted to incorporate the physical Prophecy. This room will foretell of doom if more Heroes enter. Place it at the front of your dungeon!

The Danger Room

I love Marvel. But I LOVE Marvel movies. X-men is one of my all time favorites. Heroes entering this holographic room will find their items are less than effective.

Nazgool Chamber

One of the most epic stories ever, The Lord of the Rings is arguably the birth of fantasy. The Ring Wraiths were a fearsome foe, always seeking the one who carried the ring.

The Arena

I wanted to have a room that reflected the stealth and strength needed to survive The Hunger Games, so a hybrid thief/fighter room was the way to go. Clearly, The Arena is less dangerous as players are eliminated.

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