Hello, adventurers and murderous aberrations alike! Here, I'll post the custom cards that I've made during my free-time. I try to make the cards resemble the official ones as much as possible, but I am pretty new to pixel art, so bear with me!

Note that these were barely play-tested so unfortunately I can't guarantee that they're totally balanced, but feel free to leave any comments, criticism, questions or suggestions below!

These cards are here for non-commercial print and play purposes only. Please do not copy, distribute or otherwise publicly re-upload these without my permission.

Custom HeroesEdit

Epic Dark HeroesEdit

Here is a set of four new Epic Dark Heroes. Unlike their ordinary counterparts, when an opponent discards a Room with the matching treasure types, these Heroes gain +2 hp. However, this ability can be triggered up to three times per turn! They start out at 12 hp but can be buffed to a formidable 18 hp. Fear the player with a hand full of Rooms!

Custom Bosses Edit