Custom room cards.

Custom bosses cards (still somewhat work in progress) created as a tribute to Spiral Knights and based on bosses from said MMO. Level Up abilities and XP still need to be tested and balanced.

Text Cards

Card №NameSubtitleXP/Dam/HP/PhaseTreasureTypeEffect/DescriptionMinimum PlayersReference
MER001SnarbolaxBeast of the ShadowTBAFighterBossLevel Up: Any non-epic hero, who survive your dungeon dies automatically and count as Soul. 4 Spiral Knights
MER002Royal JellySovereign SlimeTBAThiefBossLevel Up: Heal one wound. - Spiral Knights
MER003RoarmulusBuilt to DestroyTBAMageBossLevel Up: Deactivate all rooms in any one dungeon. 4 Spiral Knights

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