Minotaur's Maze
BMA017 Minotaur's Maze AA

The two Alternative Art versions of the card.

is a Monster Room in the Base Set. This card is an Alternative Art card.

Character art by Johnny O'Neal.

Background art by David Nyari.


This effect only works once per Adventure Phase for each Hero that enters this Room. If other affects (such as Teleportation) cause a Hero to enter this Room a second time, the ability does not trigger.

This card can affect multiple Heroes per turn.

Treat the phrase “back one Room” as “to the previous Room.” If there is no previous Room, or if the Room to the immediate left of Minotaur’s Maze is deactivated, the ability does not trigger.

Strategy Edit

This card is very useful for cards that have a "If a hero dies in this room" effect, as it increases that card's chance to activate its effect. This card also works well with Goblin Armory or Goblin Nursery, since Minotaur's Maze does no damage. If this card is built behind a Monster's Ballroom, it can potentially be a lethal card combo, with a dungeon full of Monster Rooms, as it can allow the player to deal 10 damage to a Hero ( a Monster's Ballroom in a dungeon full of Monster Rooms can deal 5 damage).


"Minotaurs are vicious, clever, and sadistic. They're also a favorite among Boss Monsters as they'll work practically for free, requiring noting [sic] more than some unused tunnels and the occasional lost hero to keep them satisfied."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide

"“Daddy, can I have a Dracolich for my birthday?”

“A Dracolich?”

“Mmhmm. Tommy’s mom got him one for his birthday.”

“Geez, I don’t know. I heard they claw like crazy, and most of the furniture in this wing of the dungeon is new.”

“Daaaad! Please, please, please!”

“God. Yes, okay, just leave me in peace.”

“Tommy has a minotaur too.”


-Excerpt from the Dracolich Lair card of the day entry