Save point

Save Point is a dual Treasure type room introduced in Boss Monster: The Next Level

Strategy Edit

This card is meant for luring in Clerics and Mages. Otherwise, its effect is meant solely for the purpose of retrieving a Spell card a player used. A good example of the use of this card would be to use the Spell Card, Freeze, on an opponent, activating Save Point, and using Freeze again on the opponent. This card can be built and not used right away, and only has to be activated when a player wishes to retrieve a Spell card they just used. Note, this can only be activated during the same turn a Spell card has been activated by the player. It will not work on Spell cards used by other players, and cannot be used to retrieve a Spell card used by the player during previous turns.

Trivia Edit

This card makes a reference to the ever well known and important save points in games. The gem is very similar in appearance to how a Soul appears.

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