Trash Compactor
KSA012 Trash Compactor
is a Trap Room and a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Card.


If a Hero enters this Room and dies, the Room does not lose it's damage.

Once a Hero exits this Room and survives, it does 0 damage for the rest of the turn, even if you use something to increase it's damage (such as Annihilator).

Strategy Edit

This card is best built as the last room in a dungeon, mostly due to the fact of its effect. This card does well to have a Dizzygas Hallway built in front of it, so it has a better chance of killing a Hero so as not to activate this card's effect.


"Trash Compactors aren't so much built as grown. The deepest cesspits of Arcadian dungeons attract a deadly breed of beast that is only seen by the doomed."

-Excerpt from the Strategy Guide


This card is possibly a reference to a scene in Star Wars.

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